Friday, October 2, 2009

Crafting for MaMa.

I love making things. Especially for those I love. However, every trip to the craft store has me finding fabric that I personally love, but never buy. I always talk myself out of buying it becuase I have no clue what to make for myself!

Hubby, Abi Bear, Maddie Goose, and I are packing up next week and going on vacation. I have saved up some money for special fabric shopping on this trip since we are going to be close to a gigantic Joann's store as well as one of my favorite quilt shops. So yesterday I spent a few hours on line coming up with things to make for myself!

I would love a scarf like this one made with jelly rolls, or the one in this book.

I also want the Bars of Gold Quilt from Jelly Roll Quilts. 

Also love this tea wallet.

And I am debating between a few bags.

messenger bag

Reversable bag


Now that I have my personally crafting to do list, it's time to buy some fabric. Can't wait!

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  1. I like the idea of the jelly roll scarf- what a fun way to show off some cool fabrics!