Monday, June 7, 2010

Last Week, This Week


Last Week:
I finally seemed to pull out of my funk. A visit from Mom and a variety of activities seemed to help. Getting out the house with the girls during the day helped. Getting out of the house in the evening as a family, a couple, and just me also helped a lot. The fog has even lifted enough that I am looking forward to sewing again. Which is a good thing since.....


This Week:
(I am looking forward to)
* Sewing up a number of orders/gifts that need finishing.
*Having coffee tonight with a friend from church.
*Having coffee tomography night with my sister-in-law and another dear friend.
*Having my old college house mate visit for the weekend and
*Getting together with her and our other house mate (who lives here in town) on Saturday
*And most likely hitting up the pool again because Summer isn't Summer with out the pool.

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