Friday, February 25, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration Part II

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Last week my mom came to visit and while she was here I decided to re-finish my grandmother's china hutch that sits in my kitchen. A few days latter I was down town with my in-laws. My MIL and I found this awesome hutch top at a used furniture place. I fell in love with it and everything just fell into place. My MIL talked them down to $20.00, I had $15.00 in cash in my wallet, my FIL had his truck parked out front. So, I made an impulse buy and brought it home. I was afraid I wouldn't like it when I got it home, but I love it even MORE! It would really work any where in my house which is amazing. I do need to get a piece of wood to put on the bottom to make it look more like a shelf.

I also got some amazing, amazing fabric in the mail. This is going to go in my kitchen as a number of things. Possibly curtains. A slip cover to turn an oatmeal container into a cookie jar. A cushion for the old chair my mom bought me last summer. A table runner for the top of the hutch I bought on Saturday. And Kelsey over at Quietude Quilts is going to make me some trees. I am so excited! Check back tomorrow for pictures of the mermaid dolly I made Abi Lee.

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  1. Hmm, just a thought.. I think it may be cute if you use one of the fabrics or maybe make a mix-up of them and put it across the front at the bottom, so it would be hidden but you'd still be able to use it as a shelf w/o having to add a board.. *shrugs* :>