Monday, May 2, 2011


Sorry I have been absent from here for so long. We have been busy. Busying growing, and changing. Many decisions have been made the past few weeks including a change in job for my hubby and an addition of another part time job and ministry for myself. The girls have been busy as well. Growing and changing so much some days I hardly recognize them.

 Abi Bear is taller than ever and growing into an amazing girl. So big, I am constantly reminded that school is just around the corner and a whole new set of changes.

Maddie Goose is no longer a baby and is hardly even a toddler any more. She is is slimming out and becoming more and more verbal. Her hair is starting to curl and she is really coming into her own little personality.


  1. It's crazy how quickly they grow! Bittersweet! :)

  2. Your girls are precious! See you Thursday at MOPS :)