Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dreams: Redirected, Rediscovered and Realized

I just realized that I may never have shared with you why my blog is titled Redirected Dreams. So I thought I might explain how the name came to be and some things going on in my life lately.

Ten years ago I was starting college with plans to go into journalism. I wanted to move to New York or Chicago and work for a magazine.

Seven years ago I was going into my senior year of college. I was planning on graduating that spring with a degree in print journalism and head off to seminary the following fall. I wanted to teach and write and do all kinds of things to change the world. :)

Then I met Josh. Falling in love wasn't on my radar and getting married wasn't in my plan for at least 5 years.

But God had a different idea.

Three months after meeting Josh I found myself standing in front of the Christmas tree in his parents home while he knelt on one knee and asked me to be his wife and God started an amazing work in my heart.

When I married Josh I was very much not domestic. I could barely cook and was hardly what you would call creative.

In the past six years God has grown me so much. He has awoken in me a love of sewing and creating and opens doors for me to start my own business. I have developed such a love of cooking that my kitchen is my favorite room in my house. He truly redirected my dreams and have me ones bigger than I ever could have imagined.

And then He went above and beyond.

Three years ago I started blogging and the desire to write started to stir again. And this month I can, for the first time ever, say I am a published writer. He opened doors in unexpected ways and I finally got to see a life long dream realized.

All Glory to HIM!

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