Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Perfectionism the Enemy of Community

This summer I have had a lot of time to think about and to live out the concepts of tribe, community, and living in circles.
There's a lot there.
There's a lot in the way.

The more I look at the world around me and talk to those in my social circles the more I think Perfectionism has become a HUGE hang up when it comes to building communities.

We are looking for perfection in our communities.
We want to find a group of people that understands, accepts, and agrees with us 100%.

We are looking for perfection in ourselves.
We are afraid we will do or say something wrong and embarrass or selves or hurt some one else.

We are looking for perfection in other people.
We don't want to be hurt or challenged or disappointed.

We are looking for perfection in our homes.
We hold of inviting people over because there are dishes in the sink, or the bathroom sink drips, or the wall paper is dated.

We are looking for perfection in our lives.
When we have a better schedule, less stress, when baseball season is over, when the kids are older, when we retire. THEN we will be able to really engaged in community.

Striving says things SHOULD be perfect.
Hustling says things CAN be perfect.
Grace covers mistakes.
Love welcomes them.

Love invites a friend over and puts the iced tea in the pretty pitcher and pulls out the “nice” paper napkins in stead of paper towels.
Grace says it's okay that there are still dirty dishes in the sink from making the brownies.

What small steps can you take to move past perfection and move towards community?
I  would love to hear your stories.

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