Friday, October 7, 2016

Capturing Stories: Follow Friday

Today is day 7 of writing and posting and I am frankly shocked that I have stuck with it this long! Between my uncle passing and the due date anniversary or our miscaried baby this week combined with a lap top that doesn't work to work at all (I'm writing and posting on my phone!) and being in the middle of prep for a local art and craft show, there were so many reasons to quit. But I haven't yet and I am so very glad! 

The main reason I am doing this series is because I am passionate about it and because I want to inspire others. In that vein, I wanted to do at least one "Follow Friday" post and share with you some of the accounts I find inspiring. Hopefully you will find some one new to follow.


Do you follow any journal ackcounts? Which are your favorites? Share bellow! 

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