Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Capturing Stories: Workshop Wednesday



I'm so excited for this workshop Wednesday! If I could I would invite you all over and we would do this one together. In fact as often as I can I DO have people over to do this excercise with with me. 

My friend and I are constantly reminding each other that things are more likely to be used if they are pretty. From cleaning supplies to water bottles to journals we are way more likely to use things if we find them attractive. 

Some times though, it can be really hard to find the time to journal, much less make things pretty. 

When friends ask me where to start, or when I need to go back to the basics, I always go back to the basics.

Finding time to journal a page daily can feel daunting. But taking ten to fifteen minutes once a week is reasonable (and even advisable) for most of us! 

At the top of the post I shared two #beforethepen lay outs. Typically this hashtag is used for planners but I love predecorating journals as well! 
Use whatever tools and tecniques appeal to you. I am a big fan of washi and stickers for their spread. However I have also used water colors and stamps. The best part is that you only make a mess once and then your journal is ready to write in for the week and you will be that much more excited to use it because you know something pretty is waiting for you! 

So this week's excercise is to brew a cup of tea or coffee, put on your favorite song or sitcom, pull out those craft supplies you have been to busy to use, and play for ten-fifteen minutes. 

Of you are brand new and don't have supplies, washi and stickers can be bought at most dollar stores or the dollar section of Target. If nothing else a set of colored pencils can add a splash of color to a page and encourage you to stretch your doodling muscles. 

Trying out this week's challenge? Tag me on Instagram @joyleanne or on my Facebook page. I would love to see what you come up with! 

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