Sunday, October 9, 2016

Guided Journals: List Journals

It's nearly 8:00 pm and I haven't written for today yet. (This is getting to be a bad ritual.) Tonight I had no idea what to write about. I was seriously looking for ways to get out of writing, but my husband wouldn't hear of that. 
So I sat here looking at a blank screen me thinking about how much I that. Some times blank pages and screens are an invitation, other times they are overwhelming. 
That is the beauty of guided journals. You have something to jump start the ideas. 
I knew I wanted to spend a couple of days exploring different kids of guided journals so I decided to start a day early.

I've have used all kids of guided journals over the years. A have a couple styles that I come back to over and over. List style books are probably my very favorite. Not only do they give me a place to start, but often times it triggers an idea I want to come back and explore more later. 

So, here are some fun list journals to check out.

There are actually a whole lot in this series from relationship lists, to book lists, movie lists. So much fun. 

Which list books sounds the most fun? I would love to hear. 


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