Saturday, October 8, 2016

Room to Remember

Today is my in-laws 39th wedding anniversary.
It is also my uncle's funeral.
It's a bit poetic.
As my mother would say, "Grief is the price we out for love." 
We cannot love with out risking grief.
When we journal there is room to document, embrace, and remember both. 
This week has been so much of that for me. Sitting with the sorrow and celebrating the joy of this season I am in. I have been so very blessed by people who have been willing to do both with me. 
I sat down today to journal and I wrote about both bitter and the sweet. 
Finding the balance can be a challenge. 
We live in an Instagram world where it's tempting to share just the high points. 
If we are not careful it can be easy for that mentally to transfers itself into our journaling.
The opposite is also true. Because it is a safe place for reflection, if we are not careful, a journal can become a dumping ground for negativity. A place to unburden the pain and then lock it away in the back of a drawer.
When journaling is most helpful to me is when I allow it to be a space to explore and reflect on the good and the bad. 

What are you tendencies when you journal? 
Do you find yourself recording only the high lights?
Or do struggle with being negative? 

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